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Onwan Beauty Inspirations

  • Searching for the Right Hair After Care Products?

    We all love to have natural looking hair that bounces with full of life. True Keratin has unveiled one secret to healthy looking hair- the use of a Real Organic and Natural after care products.

    moroccan miracle creme_cropped

    A lightweight blend of Pure Argan Oil and Keratin Protein that instantly boosts moisture, elasticity and radiance to your hair. Provides long-lasting blow-dry memory hold.


    If you're looking for help with detangling or damaged hair & split ends, there are a wide selection of leave-in conditioners available — from volumizing to softening curls to heat-protecting, Leave-in Creme is a great help.  It helps create silky, manageable tresses. more than this, leave-in creme also keep hair healthy by protecting your hair from environmental stressors especially here in the UAE where heat and dust can be a stressor to our hair.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    To any woman who respects the natural beauty of her locks, using a high-quality deep conditioning mask is vital year-round, but absolutely indispensable during wintertime.


    super sleek masque_Cropped


    Conditions and Repairs the hair instantly while adding caressable softness and mirror-like finish. Enriched with Sunflower Oils, Raspberry Extract and Certified Organic Botanicals for healthier hair. Perfect for a mini treatment at home.


    If you want to make the most of the regenerative, reconstructing and rejuvenating properties of a luxury deep conditioning treatment that you can conveniently use in the comfort of your own home, Super Sleek + Post-Treatment Masque is the ultimate choice to repairing damaged hair from within with amazing results that last.


    Leave In Creme


  • Mascara Parade! Give Your Lashes a 'WOW' Factor.

    Give your natural lashes that "WOW" factor with Mesauda Milano's Mascara define, adds volume, longer & thick lashes for that mega-magnificent look.

    Mascara Parade

    Mega Lash

    Mega Lash mascara defines lashes one by one, making them thicker. It completely delivers an eye lash look that is defined, thick and…so chic!

    This mascara gives lashes definition, depth and sophistication: its full and dense texture is easy to shape, while its formula guarantees plasticity, structure and a performance of a high standard.


    Studio Lash

    A mascara that colors generously, making even thinner eyelashes thicker and longer. Experience the first mascara that visibly volumize, lengthens and define your lashes with only one application.

    It reveals fuller, beautifully defined, stronger lashes and lets their inner beauty shine through. volumizing, lengthening and defining formula to provide a mascara that plumps and magnifies lashes one by one, coating even the finest ones smoothly. The creamy formula makes it easy to apply.

    Definitive Eyelashes

    The final effect is surprising: maximum volume, longer looking lashes, long-wearing result and a deep and intense color. A texture that creates a rich and creamy film on lashes making them instantly seems stronger and consistent.

    A high-performance texture, creamy, easy to work that glides on the lashes separating, polishing and coloring them to perfection thanks to the presence of a powder which not only is useful to exalt color, but also increases the volume effect.

    Graphique Eyelashes

    Mascara in a deep black color that lengthens endlessly the lashes with a high definition effect.

    The exclusive formulation lengths and curls the lashes adding intensity to the eyes while avoiding heaviness. The soft texture envelops the lashes leaving them shiny and supple. The special ELASTOMER applicator is divided into two sections: a shorter part that loads the lashes, lengthens and defines, another part with longer bristles to brush the lashes while modelling the shape.

    Volumissime Mascara

    Its maxi and extra thick brush guarantees an absolute extra volume effect for the lashes. A sensual and explosive look by a pure and shining color that render this texture unique.

    A wrappings heath clothes the lashes making them thicker with a simple movement. Your look becomes deeper thanks to thicker and structured lashes. The volume increases guaranteeing a wonderful effect.

    Also Available Waterproof Volumissime Mascara

    Waterproof Mascara

    Get these Lovely Mascara Today here:

    Makeup your day Mascara

    Follow us in Twitter & RT Mascara Parade & Get a chance to WIN a DEFINITIVE MASCARA!

  • Which Hair Brush is Right For You?

    Hair brushing and using a hair brush is something most of us do every day and most probably something we only really think about when we're actually brushing our hair. Hair brushing is a very important part of any hair care routine as well as using the right hair brush that suits your hair.


    Perfect for Detangling and Straightening out Long Hair Types

    Mic Brushbrush for hair




    Mic Brush has a perfect body shape for detangling and straightening out long hair types. The cushioned soft ball tip quills gently massage the scalp whilst brushing and the soft fluted handle molds to the hand.
    Features: Anti-static rubber cushioned pad prevents fly-away hair Unique, detachable flexible section pin allows easy sections with one hand.
    Mic Brush Available in white or Black.



    For Ultimate Styling and Treatments Application

    Brush for long hair M S


    The Brush RED LINE edition, with a thermochromic colour change body and a light ceramic barrel that emits negative ions when hot. The fixed nylon find toothed combs are ideal for application of conditioning treatments, evenly sectioning the hair for greater concentrated distribution. A soft fluted handle that moulds to the hand for ultimate styling control and a unique detachable pin for sectioning gives the ultimate in comfort and professional styling.

    Features: Thermochromic colour change body shows working temperature and ionic effect Individual flame sealed fibres prevent tearing of the cuticle.

    Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.

    Ideal for Adding Volume and Body to Longer Hair.

    Brush-box Large Brush (53mm)_main small_brush 33mm

    THE BRUSH - Thermochromic 

    The Brush, with a thermochromic colour change body and a light ceramic barrel that emits negative ions when hot. A soft fluted handle and a unique detachable pin for sectioning gives the ultimate in comfort and professional styling.

    Features: Thermochromic colour change body shows working temperature and ionic effect Individual flame sealed fibers prevent tearing of the cuticle.

    Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large.

    Strengthen and Gives Hair a Gorgeous Healthy Shine

    Large medium small


    Corioliss adds another member to The Brush family: Original is our classic cushioned brush designed for professional styling and comfort.

    Fine Nylon Bristles gently massage and stimulate the scalp as they are brushed through increasing circulation. This triggers the production of Sebum, a natural conditioning oil which helps to increase strength and giving your hair a gorgeous healthy shine.

    The Flexible Rubber Cushion gives the brush greater movement whilst brushing allowing the bristles to glide over the contours of your scalp. Cleaning the hair as they pass preventing damage and tearing of the cuticle.

    The Premium Body and Handle moulds to the hand, ergonomically designed for extra comfort and grip.

    Get these Corioliss Brush here

  • Flawless Frizz Free Summer Hair

    SUMMER is all about having easy hair that also has tons of movement.

    Learn how to protect your hair from the heat, sun, salt & chlorine without turning it into an endless battle.


    FIGHT FRIZZ - Spritz & Seal

    First, choosing the right shampoo Fighting frizz starts in the shower get a Sulfate-free shampoo that nourishes and rejuvenates sun struck strands. Summer Rejuvenating Shampoo


    A refreshing and hydrating blend of certified organic coconut oil and aloe vera extract that gently cleanses while deep moisturizing and repairing hair that has suffered the effects of sun, salt and chlorine.  Delicate Fragrance with a lingering delicate Floral and Coconut oil Aroma. Apply to wet hair and massage into a rich lather. Rinse. Use daily or whenever hair is exposed to sun, salt, and chlorine.


    It's also important to apply a hair mask that rejuvenates and repairs sun exposed hair

    Summer After Sun Hair Masque


    An intensive creamy mask that rejuvenates and repairs sun exposed hair. Made with certified organic coconut oil and monoi oil to nourish and protect the hair from the effects of sun, salt and chlorine.

    Monoi de Tahiti is an exotic and delicate aromatic Polynesian oil. This precious oil is still produced in the same manner as it was over a thousand years ago. The tiare flower extract allows the monoi oil to soothe sore scalps, and moisturize dry hair while the refined coconut oil delivers incomparable silkiness. Delicately Fragranced with a lingering delicate Floral and Coconut oil Aroma.

    Use after shampooing with Summertime Rejuvenating Shampoo. Apply evenly to damp hair from root to ends. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

    No More Swimmer's Hair Problem

    swimmer hair problem


    If you’re a blond who turns green after a dip in the pool or your hair has color and you want to get rid of discoloration and dullness



    A Unique Pre-Swimming Protective Leave in Creme that coats and seals the cuticle, locking in moisture and protecting the hair from chlorine and salt water.
    Delicately Fragranced with a lingering delicate Floral and Coconut oil Aroma. Apply on wet or dry hair from roots to ends prior to swimming or other outdoor activities.

    ADD SOME UV SUN shield Protection

    uv sunshield for hair this summer

    There are products that contain UV protection, One quick way to add some protection is to use

    summer uv sun shield protection for hair


    A lightweight UV protective mist that forms an invisible shield to protect hair from sun exposure and minimize frizz, color fade, and damage. A special blend of certified organic coconut oil, anti-age, and UV filters to protect the hair from sun damage for up to 12 hours. Delicately Fragranced with a lingering delicate Floral and Coconut oil Aroma.


    Get this LIMITED SUMMER TIME - TRUE KERATIN Hamper click here.

    Summer time hair care sale

  • Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadow Swatch Review

    What does 'Baked' do? -  it allows the product to be used wet or dry. When using dry, provides traditional eye shadow color to lids. When using wet, it increases the color payoff for a more dramatic look and it also increases its staying power.

    Hello Beauties! I have not posted anything since last 2-3 days as I am on vacation and while leaving home I thought I will get enough time for blogging but sadly No! Leaving hotel in the morning and then come back to hotel in night after roaming around in and out city, and feel so tired by end of the day. Finally today got some time to post blog.Today I am going to review Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadows . which I have been sent very kindly to review on my blog. I have selected 3 shades to review – Tigers eye(Ref 02), Amber(Ref 06) and Agate(Ref 03). There are total 12 different shades available in this range. These eyeshadows can be used dry for a luminous and transparent effect, or with a slightly wet brush to have a more covering and long-lasting makeup. These eyeshadows are luminous and light in application it assures a pleasant make-up, releasing a thin and comfortable film on the skin. They are mineral oil free and infused with Vitamin E acetate and Jojoba Oil.



    The black packaging of these eyeshadows are gorgeous and very professional looking. It is sleek and simple. When I opened the lid of the eyeshadows,  they look really pigmented and when I swatched, they turned out to be just that. All of the three eyeshadows are so gorgeous and beautiful bronzy/coppery shades. These eyeshadows are really soft to touch and have amazing colour payoff. They are not patchy or powdery at all. Shimmers in it are not chunky. These eyeshadows have subtle shine in it and easily applied to eyes with dry or damp brush and even you can work with finger to apply them. There is minimal fallout during application.



    In swatch all the eyeshadows applied dry and look much pigmented. These eyeshadows can also be applied with wet applicator for a metallic effect and a more pronounced explosive look. The texture is not dusty, it is soft and this allows to manage the product with ease. They are very easy to blend. If you apply this type of eyeshadow on a base, it looks more intense. I found them excellent quality and very functional.

    Agate shade is so gorgeous, it is like pearl beige with golden veins and it gives nice shimmery effect. And I am going to use this lot in summer. Amber is shimmery copper shade and would look more beautiful on warm skin tones. Tigers eye is one of my favourite shade out of all three, it is beautiful brown bronzy shade with gold glitters inside, I am going to wear it lot during Indian weddings and functions.



    All the shades last quite longer on eyelids without creasing and they are all decent to wear. Lovely sheen and metallic shades. I have not tried using them wet, but I think as wet they will stay much longer and the shimmers in it will not go here and there. Having tried using them as dry after 4-5 hours I see some shimmers here and there around my eyes and on cheeks so I recommend them to use as wet or with good base. Otherwise they look gorgeous on eyes and beautiful shades available in this range to try.


    What do you think about Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Baked Eyeshadows? Which is your favourite shade out of all three? Please let me know in comments.

    You can buy Mesauda Milano Cosmetics Earth Spirits Eyeshadows in the UAE  here.

    Thank you,



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